The New Way to Play “Paper Dolls”

The New Way to Play “Paper Dolls”


Hello creative friends and fellow bloggers! I hope you’ve enjoyed all the Polyvore posts I’ve placed on my blog. So where do they come from?  Do you remember playing with paper dolls? I’ve found a way to play paper dolls on my computer. I feel much like I did when I was a kid. Dreaming of ways to put the best outfits together. Mixing and matching tops, bottoms, accessories and colors leaves room for all kinds of creativity. I go through hours like minutes.  It’s one of the best ways to take my mind somewhere else for a while. If you want to give it a try it’s called POLYVORE. There’s an app for your phone or tablet and you can also sign up on your computer. You can just click on the follow me to Polyvore link in my side menu to get there. Give it a try and let me know how you like playing again?

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